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A Decade Ago Today

Here’TheJourneyAheads to the Internet, here’s to a match making website a friend recommended to increase my chances of meeting “the one” while I got stationed all over the world. Here’s to countless disappointing dates, numerous guys who wrote me and let me down, a few relationships and those I thought “got away” before he wrote me.  Here is to an E-mail correspondence sent on April 6, 2003, from a guy 92 miles away.  I knew nothing about him, not even his name.  Here is to finding that E-mail three days later and recovering it from the trash can (thank you Hotmail(c) for not deleting it permanently).  I had deleted it there because I had recently ended a bad relationship and was done with relationships forever (spoken as a dramatic reading).  Here is to the end of that relationship and here is to my inner voice saying, “what the heck? I’ll write him back at least.”  Here is to writing, “Hey, I’d love to meet you – feel free to call me..” and here’s to not playing games and giving him my number.  Here is to him calling right away and not playing games either.  Here is to setting up a date right away.  Here is to taking that chance, and meeting in-person despite the butterflies deep down inside.  Here is to having no expectations, no regrets, and putting no pressure on the relationship at all.  And despite my asking him on the first date whether he was a Republican or a Democrat (don’t ask what party I was then-such a long time ago), here’s to him asking me out for a second date.  Here is to dating, the big proposal, and everything since… the good, the tough, the very tough, the great, the sweet, the sour, the blessings, and the miracles in the life we have made.  Here is to a decade gone, and the hope of so many, many more to come.

Here is to the journey, the destination, and everything along the way.  Here is to having no regrets but learning, growing, crying, laughing, singing, and dancing together and with our children- daily.

Here is to a decade ago today.


Friends with Kids- a movie review

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We saw the movie, Friends with Kids on Saturday, a rare date afternoon, and it was a cute 107-minute movie.  The movie poster kinda gives it away:  PICK TWO and the choices are: Love, Happiness, and Kids.  Ha!  It’s a cute movie and well-done depicting the lives of married couples, friends, and couples with kids and finally, friends who want to remain friends having kids.

The movie has a lot of things that I think anyone with kids can relate to – it is not just for married couples or couples in a relationship. It’s about single parenting too and the challenges in general that life, marriage, love, and kids can bring no matter what your status.   I cannot give up too much here so you can go see the movie but all I know is, hubby and I related to a lot of the scenes and how life changes after kids no matter what you think will happen.  The thought-provoking conversation at a dinner among friends was a bit too much for us.  I think there are some things in a marriage that should be reserved for discussion between the couple and not to be shared with a group of dinner guests but, that one scene aside, I really liked the movie. It takes all kinds to raise kids and yes, even the guy or gal who thinks everything will stay the same in their relationship.  Granted, that may spell disaster for a relationship but alas, with the first-time marriage divorce rate approaching 51% in America, I think that the character who plays that guy is somewhat accurate.  In any case, for hubby and I- we talked about kids have strengthened our marriage.  It is a conversation-provoking movie so, be prepared.

And in the end, of course, it is hard to be parents and no matter how you do it – with someone, without, or just as friends, parenting is challenging and yet, the most rewarding job you can have as well.  It can strain your marriage and strengthen it at the same time, or destroy that relationship but again, it all depends on the circumstances and the people involved.  All in all, it is a cute date movie which will make you laugh out loud, nod in agreement, shake your head in disgust, cry, and make you go home and hug your kiddos too!

Have you seen it?  Let me know your thoughts and no spoilers please.  Thanks!


Perfect Moment Monday- Memorializing Milestone Moments

Memorial Day weekends are generally busy, fun-filled weekends with us with one theme:  Family.  There wasn’t just one perfect moment this past week and weekend, but rather, a list.  Isn’t it great when you have too many to count?  And more importantly, isn’t it great when you can “memorialize” them to remember forever.  Here are my perfect moments for Memorial Day week 2011:


My husband and I got married on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, the 29th of May and so we celebrate our anniversary each year on this special weekend.  This year went to Cinema Grill, watched a movie, and ate some snacks together.  We had a good time even on the drive there and back to just get caught up.  It’s hard to believe it has been six years.


Our first daughter’s due date was on our anniversary but she arrived 5 days early- probably because she wanted her own special day instead of arriving on ours.  In any case, she was born on my brother’s birthday.  This past week, she had three birthdays– one at her school with princess cupcakes, one with family at her favorite burger joint, and of course, her gymnastics party with her classmates.  What a fun time for my little princess who turned four!  I can’t believe that time if flying by and soon, she will start school!  In any case, it was great to celebrate all these moments.


Having family in town is always an adventure but of course, family is family.  The girls love having extra people in the house to forum shop with 🙂  and play with.  We always have family in town around this time because of Memorial Day weekend, and all the events and it’s fun.  Because of family in town, we have had opportunities to have date nights as well and that is priceless especially considering it was our anniversary month.

Memorial Day weekend is always busy for us but how can we forget these perfect moments — especially when we can put them in a posting lke this and “memorialize” them?


Vegas … Baby?

I spent four days in Las Vegas attending a conference and also spending one extra day with my hubby.  Since our oldest daughter was born almost four years ago, we have not had a vacation together alone… well, ever!  We spent a few hours in D.C. together but we have never just “gotten away.”  My parents were gracious enough to watch both girls so we could go on this extra long date together and it was great!  

I have not been to Vegas since 2002- I went there last time with my single girlfriend (at the time) we just did a girls’ trip.  I did not even know my husband then- I had not met him yet.  In any case, I remember how much I disliked that trip. I even took an excursion to the Grand Canyon that time to make it worth my time.  I do not gamble and steer clear of all gambling so the only draw for me to attend this conference in Vegas was that it was close and the topics of the conference were amazing!  Other than that, in my opinion, I could take or leave Vegas.  While there is a lot to do, shopping, spas, shows, and of course, gambling, it’s just not my kind of town.  The prices on the strip to just get a pretzel or slice of pizza were outrageous!  Not to mention, you get charged for everything.  Read my other reviews on Vegas too!  We saw Zumanity while there.  It was a great show and true to Cirque du Soleil form, quite elegant.  We also ate at a fancy restaurant for one of our lunch-time meals-Zefferino.  We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel and you can read that review as well.  I have to say, the hotel was not all that and the service stunk but it is an okay place to stay and cheap if you use comps and weekly specials.  If you can, sign up for all the rewards cards you can and even make sure your food that you buy gets swiped on it.   I wrote a review about the Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show at the Flamingo Hotel. 

While Vegas is a decent place to visit if you want to do a lot that satisfies the needs of a lot of travellers:  from the gambler or shopaholic to spa-junkie, Vegas does have it all but I have to say you can probably do the same things in a lot of other towns and without the high price tag OR the smoke.  Yes, Nevada is not a smoke-free state so from the moment you step off the plane, it’s like you are transported back to the East Coast or Europe.  Everyone smokes inside and the hotel rooms stink.  My eyes were red every day and my head hurt all the time.  Smoking indoors is something I am no longer used to and I would not want to take my kids there.  If I want to play craps or the slots, Blackhawk, Colorado is not too far from home, and it is smoke free.  I can get a buffet there too!

All in all, I have to say, I enjoyed my time with my husband… the hanging out, the meal-times together, seeing Zumanity, walking around, sightseeing, and shopping.  We had a great time and getting away was priceless.  Vegas is a town that is good for couples but I do not recommend it as a destination trip for families.

Read my other Reviews on our Vegas Experience:

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Perfect Moment- A long overdue date with the love of my life

Yes, I am referring to my husband, of course.   Again, thanks to Write Mind Open Heart @LavLuz (twitter handle), here I am, posting another Perfect Moment Monday.  She’s right you know, when we look, we notice these amazing moments.  My previous post was about sweet moments with my kids.  I wish I had more time with them! 

But this weekend’s perfect moment was made possible by my daughters’ daycare.  We got a parents’ day out!  I have to say that was one the best Christmas presents to us parents who pay tons in tuition.  Since we do not have family or friends in town, we rarely get to go out alone, sans kids.  This past Saturday though my husband and I got to venture out alone.  It was strange, almost creepy strange, but so perfect!   We went to Flatirons mall and shopped a little and then took in a movie- something we NEVER get to do with small kids.   The movie we watched was “The Tourist” and all in all, we had a great outing.  Afterwards, we were able to spend a little more time talking as we ate appetizers at P.F. Chang’s.  It was relaxing and we had great conversation.  It’s amazing how much you talk about your kids and how much your life revolves around them especially when they are this little.   You almost always forget to talk about yourselves and these marital moments are so perfect- to converse, to hold hands, or just laugh together without being interrupted by screaming or even the conversations of a child.  My date with hubbie- my perfect moment Monday!