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Friends with Kids- a movie review

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We saw the movie, Friends with Kids on Saturday, a rare date afternoon, and it was a cute 107-minute movie.  The movie poster kinda gives it away:  PICK TWO and the choices are: Love, Happiness, and Kids.  Ha!  It’s a cute movie and well-done depicting the lives of married couples, friends, and couples with kids and finally, friends who want to remain friends having kids.

The movie has a lot of things that I think anyone with kids can relate to – it is not just for married couples or couples in a relationship. It’s about single parenting too and the challenges in general that life, marriage, love, and kids can bring no matter what your status.   I cannot give up too much here so you can go see the movie but all I know is, hubby and I related to a lot of the scenes and how life changes after kids no matter what you think will happen.  The thought-provoking conversation at a dinner among friends was a bit too much for us.  I think there are some things in a marriage that should be reserved for discussion between the couple and not to be shared with a group of dinner guests but, that one scene aside, I really liked the movie. It takes all kinds to raise kids and yes, even the guy or gal who thinks everything will stay the same in their relationship.  Granted, that may spell disaster for a relationship but alas, with the first-time marriage divorce rate approaching 51% in America, I think that the character who plays that guy is somewhat accurate.  In any case, for hubby and I- we talked about kids have strengthened our marriage.  It is a conversation-provoking movie so, be prepared.

And in the end, of course, it is hard to be parents and no matter how you do it – with someone, without, or just as friends, parenting is challenging and yet, the most rewarding job you can have as well.  It can strain your marriage and strengthen it at the same time, or destroy that relationship but again, it all depends on the circumstances and the people involved.  All in all, it is a cute date movie which will make you laugh out loud, nod in agreement, shake your head in disgust, cry, and make you go home and hug your kiddos too!

Have you seen it?  Let me know your thoughts and no spoilers please.  Thanks!


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) – Movie Review

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Waiting for what felt like forever since we finished the reading the entire Stieg Larsson trilogy, we finally got to see the American version of the movie, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at Landmark theatres, Olde Town Wadsworth yesterday.  And it was definitely worth the wait.

The movie was based on the first of the Larsson trilogy novels and true to the book, the movie follows the book almost exactly with a few deviations to condense it.  But even condensed, the movie still ran two hours and 38 minutes.  If you do not remember the book because you read it sometime ago, don’t worry, it will come back to you and if you never read a single one of the trilogy books, fret not- you will love it too but if you haven’t read the book, you should mentally prepare yourself for about two or three extremely graphic scenes including a few involving violence towards women.   From what I noticed, these scenes are when a lot of the faint of heart audience members used the restrooms or left to refresh their drinks and popcorn.  In any case, discomfort of these scenes aside, (which if you read the books you would understand the history from Larsson of Swedish society) you will definitely enjoy this American version of the Larsson trilogy and if you saw the Swedish versions, you will also notice the differences between the two.  All in all, a definite watch and as always, I would recommend reading the books first if you can swing it.  The movie has scored well among critics and is an 8.3 out of 10, and 70% on critic meters and a “must go” as well.  Additionally, if you can catch a matinee over the weekend or a morning discount show, that may be the way to go!

Happy New Year and Happy Movie Watching too!


The Help- A Movie Review & Book Review Revisited

This past weekend, I saw the movie, The Help which was based on the best-selling novel by Kathryn Stockett.  I finished reading the book in May & loved it.  The book review is posted here and I’d like to re-visit it before I talk about the movie and how fabulous that was as well.

The Help was a gripping book – at times, I could not sleep after reading it.  I was hooked and what was neat about the book is how the author wrote it from the perspective of the three protagonists- the main characters of the book. She not only shifted from accent to accent when she did this, she kept the reader focused on each of their lives and she did it quite gracefully.  You were able to get to know everyone in this town quite intimately and felt like you knew them. The book, of course was amazing to read and I would highly recommend reading it even if you watched the movie or the type of person who just watches movies in favor of reading the book.  While the movie was excellent (I give it five stars) and gripping in its own right, the story derives its basis from the book and the book will let your imagination run wild in ways the movie did not.

Of course, considering the book was 451 pages long, the movie was made quite well and did not miss a beat.  The premise of the book is the same and the movie captures it perfectly– the 60s, the dawn of the Civil Rights movement, and the South- specifically, Jackson, Mississippi, and the point of the view of the help- the hired maids, nannies, and help that enriched so many homes but yet never received the respect they seemingly deserved.   This is a heart and gut-wrenching movie and book about the struggles the help faced and what they put up with to keep their jobs, their homes, their families in-tact, and all the while living in silence.  They accepted separate but equal, accepted being treated like fourth and fifth class citizens, lived in fear, and accepted their fate.

There is a line in the movie which sums it up the best because no one seemed to care about the stories of these men and women.  In fact, even the police at the time took it at word when a white man or woman reported a robbery or pointed the finger at a black woman or man. No one listened, no one cared but when these women were able to speak, when they were able to write the truth, when they were able to share their stories, they felt, despite their physical and societal status… Free!


The Adjustment Bureau – movie review


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The Adjustment Bureau is out on DVD and we got to watch it this week. I was initially annoyed by this movie because it was frustrating to watch as someone else tried to control the main character’s (played by Matt Damon) every move.

But soon, I started getting deeper into it and it reminded me a little of the movie Inception but without all the cool special effects.  I loved Inception, and just like that movie, in The Adjustment Bureau there are deeper meanings, spiritual and religious undertones, and it’s an overall good movie.  Of course, it helps that Matt Damon is in the movie- he is a great actor and always delivers a great performance, and this movie is no different.  The concept or theme is simple and yet quite complex, and eventually, you begin to understand the entire story as it begin to unfolds.  I do not want to spoil it for you so you will have to watch it for yourself but it is worth the 1 hr 45 minutes and whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, or atheist, this movie will leave you thinking about what it is that is truly your … plan, and the bigger question: Are YOU in control of it?

Have you seen the movie?  If so, what did you think?


Arrr Mateys! Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Review

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My friend and I saw the new Pirates movie and I understand it got bad reviews but I have to say, I was able to follow it much better than the 2nd and 3rd one. In my opinion, this one flowed better and I could follow all that was going on. In the others, I was always lost and had no idea what was going on. Sometimes, in the other movies, I even had to ask those with me what was going on. The movie is easy to follow but I can see where the plot is a little cheesy – what with singing mermaids, a new Orlando Bloom-type pretty boy (who is quite pretty might I add), and love stories happening all around you. Even our beloved and otherwise, uncouth Captain Jack Sparrow becomes a cheesy love-sick fool. But, it is fun to watch and as always, I love Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Penelope Cruz is okay but hard to understand at times. With all the pirate talk, the British accents, and then Cruz’s Spanish accent, at times, I really wished that there would be subtitles at movies like this but alas, mateys, I managed to understand what I could. As far as taking the kids, I would not take younger than 13. There are scary and violent scenes and these scenes come to life in 3D but teens will enjoy it and the cuss words are almost non-existent. It is a Disney production after all.

I was lucky that I won a competition on Single Mom on a Budget’s website and was able to see this movie in 3D for free with my friend. Otherwise, for a 4:20pm showing, it would have cost me $30.00 on fandango. But, it was great to see this movie in 3D and get into all of the action. I really enjoyed the movie and for those who gave it bad reviews or are not seeing it because of those reviews, I would recommend this movie be seen in the theater. Unlike Bridesmaids or other non-action movies, this one I would want to see on the big screen and if possible 3D or IMAX. We saw this movie at Denver West United Artists which is operated by Regal and it is a nice theater but I was shocked (maybe because I do not get out too often) at how expensive concessions were. Junior Mints ran us $4.00 and a pretzel was $4.75. Yowsers! Throw me a cup for water please because we can’t afford much more. I saw that a small popcorn was $6.00. In any case, other than the outrageous prices at most movie theaters these days, I enjoyed the movie and the theater was great so all in all, what a fun time!

Have you seen the new Pirates? What did you think? Please share: