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Milestones & Memories – Memorial Day Weekend 2013

IMG_3327If you look at posts of past, every Memorial Day is generally a milestone weekend for us- wedding anniversary for us (we got married Memorial Day weekend 2005), birthday for my eldest and my brother (same day), and lots of fun events. Last year we spent it with family in Virginia, and this year add to the list: Kindergarten graduation!

photo (3)
Fiesta Lunch – 3 Margaritas

Our eldest reached a milestone when she graduated Kindergarten this year, and turned 6 years old the day after.  We had her party on Saturday, and her graduating classmates were able to join in on the fun.  It was nice to have friends join in too!   What a truly memorable weekend.  Being in the military, Memorial Day holds a special place in my heart.  It is a weekend of reflection, prayer, and remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.  It is also a weekend of honoring those who still serve.   For our family, it is a special weekend because of all the milestones.  For us, it marks mid-year, and hopefully a renewal of spirit.

Perfect moments are shared so rarely, I wanted to share our perfect Memorial Day weekend- milestones and memories for a lifetime.  We hope yours was as memorable as ours– Happy Memorial Day 2013!


Milestones & Memories – First Day of Kindergarten

All dressed up and ready to go – first day of K

The big day is finally here!  She started Kindergarten today.  My mother-in-law said, “it’s not like you dropped her off at college or anything… relax.”  She is right but, it is these moments, little by little, step by step, moment by moment, and all the memories in between that prepare us for the day they leave, right?  The anticipation of every new milestone, getting through each one with grace, as few tears as possible, and enjoying every moment you possibly can – that is what will get us through the day they finally fly the nest- or will it?

Great things will come!



As you can see from the pictures, it is not my daughter that freaked out because she is starting a whole new chapter in her life with a brand new school, a brand new teacher, and all new friends.  It was me- I freaked out.  Of course, that is how it is.  It was a process to start this day too.  In our County, we get the option to choose either our neighborhood school which is amazing by the way or choice enroll our kids into a plethora of other public charter schools.  We tried to do the latter just so we could compare all the local schools, and see what shook out.  It was an opportunity to see all the different curriculum, teachers, administrative staff, and of course, the schools and facilities too.  For us, the biggest draw to the school we chose was the way the curriculum is taught and the leveling.  So, if a child is reading at the 6th grade level, they will actually read at that level in this school!  Not that my child is a super star by any means and not that I expect that but I like the concept of making sure the kids that need to be at the K level or lower are in the proper group, and the kids that need 2nd and 3rd grade advancement get that so they do not get bored or irritate others in the class by being mixed in with those who may need a little extra help reading.  Similarly, for math if she is higher level, she would be placed with a higher group.  So, it works out well all around.  The drawbacks for our choice school: the time that it starts (super early) and no bus she can ride but maybe we can set up a carpool someday.  Ho hum!  All in all, we are excited and nervous at the same time.  I think the change is harder on us than her.

November 2009 – first day of daycare

Of course, all this being said, moving schools and going to school all day (even up to 12 hours a day) is not new to our family.  Here is a picture of our Kindergartener as she started her first day care in November of 2009, after being in home care where she was the only kid since she was 6 months old!  We both work so our kiddos have been in some sort of care since they were each 4-5 months old.  Luckily, for a lot of it it was family-like care which is very nice.  We were so comfortable with home care but we knew she was ready for interaction with other kids and needed to learn some things so it was time to cut the cord and ship her off to a good day care and then two years later, we changed day cares so she could be closer to home- that was just last year!  I was a nervous wreck and was so worried she would not like the new place but not surprisingly, she did fine- it was an adjustment for me!  You can read about her starting a new day care here when I posted around this time last year.  Our big adjustment last year was packing lunches.  Now, it’s a whole new game and we are all geared to set alarms all over the house too!  That is unheard of because our children are generally our alarm clocks.

Our Kindergartener at only 3 months old!

Our little girl is growing up- it’s only Kindergarten after all but it is these milestones and the memories that will come that will all help prepare us to release them into the world… slowly, but surely.  A good friend once said to me, when I was debating quitting work and staying at home because I had a hard time letting her go at daycare, “Ratna, we raise them to let them go. We raise them to become mature, good, kind people to go out in the world and do great things. We slowly learn to let go- we have to.” She was right and I hold on to her words every time we reach a new milestone.  We raise our kids to let them go just like our parents did to us.  And, no matter what they do, we need to know that we tried so hard every single day even on the days we couldn’t keep our eyes open from the fatigue. Milestones and memories, memories and milestones- enjoy every moment I say… it ends too quickly.  Now, I pray for strength to not stalk her school all week long, then all will be fine.

Letter we wrote to her and put in her backpack – for her first day. Words of love and encouragement

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New School, New Start & Learning how to pack lunches

Tiny Prints makes Back to School easy

Since about 6 months old, each of our daughters has attended home care, day care, or school of some sort. I am a working mom of two little girls and of course, with that comes the delicate balance of many things and back to school carries a different meaning for us. Everyday is school even in the summer so I suppose we view back to school with milestones and of course, increased traffic on the roadways (sigh). This year marks such a milestone for my eldest- she is starting Pre-K! Recently, a reputable day care opened up near our home so, we are uprooting my eldest from the daycare/school she has known for 2 years, and bringing her closer to home. Of course, next fall she will really hit a huge milestone of attending Kindergarten so, this outta give her the adjustment she needs.

20110815-091017.jpg But, this year, it is an even bigger adjustment for my husband and I as we pack lunches for both kiddos. So, our adventure begins…and will officially kick off on Monday, August 22.  Wish us luck! For two years, my kiddos have attended a day care that serves all meals and snacks and we got a little spoiled even though it probably was not the best thing for them to have some of the food they were eating. In any case, it was easy. Now, we are buying lunch/bento boxes, thermos, lunch sacks to put all that stuff in, and personalized labels to make sure it all comes home daily. I hope it is not as exhausting as it feels right now, and yes, we are doing test runs the week before school starts, but I am excited to know I will be able to see what they eat and don’t eat daily. In a way, this is a good lesson for us since the older one starts real school next year and the little one is not too far behind. Yes, change is in the air this back to school year, and not just for the kiddos- new teachers, curriculum, new school, new equipment, and toys and of course, different lunch methods. But I think kids adapt to change easily- it is the parents who will need a little hand holding. We are excited and anxious as our kiddos make new beginnings and certainly, milestones and all, will make this back to school year the most memorable… well, at least until next year.

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*Note: this is a sponsored post and written as part of Global Influence’s back to school campaign sponsored by http://www.tinyprints.com.  Please read Get Clued In’s disclaimer here and please note that the writer is not responsible for content at Tiny Prints or the quality of products therein.

Perfect Moment Monday- Memorializing Milestone Moments

Memorial Day weekends are generally busy, fun-filled weekends with us with one theme:  Family.  There wasn’t just one perfect moment this past week and weekend, but rather, a list.  Isn’t it great when you have too many to count?  And more importantly, isn’t it great when you can “memorialize” them to remember forever.  Here are my perfect moments for Memorial Day week 2011:


My husband and I got married on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, the 29th of May and so we celebrate our anniversary each year on this special weekend.  This year went to Cinema Grill, watched a movie, and ate some snacks together.  We had a good time even on the drive there and back to just get caught up.  It’s hard to believe it has been six years.


Our first daughter’s due date was on our anniversary but she arrived 5 days early- probably because she wanted her own special day instead of arriving on ours.  In any case, she was born on my brother’s birthday.  This past week, she had three birthdays– one at her school with princess cupcakes, one with family at her favorite burger joint, and of course, her gymnastics party with her classmates.  What a fun time for my little princess who turned four!  I can’t believe that time if flying by and soon, she will start school!  In any case, it was great to celebrate all these moments.


Having family in town is always an adventure but of course, family is family.  The girls love having extra people in the house to forum shop with 🙂  and play with.  We always have family in town around this time because of Memorial Day weekend, and all the events and it’s fun.  Because of family in town, we have had opportunities to have date nights as well and that is priceless especially considering it was our anniversary month.

Memorial Day weekend is always busy for us but how can we forget these perfect moments — especially when we can put them in a posting lke this and “memorialize” them?