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Perfect Moment Monday– Milestones & My Potty Mouth

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This weekend marks the 2nd week that my 2 year-old is really meeting some important milestones. I know, it’s silly to those who do not have kids or those have put all this behind them but it is truly an exciting time in a toddler’s life and dare I say, for the parents as well- potty training.   Granted, we have to stay close to the restrooms but my 2 year-old has been so excited about all of this.  Her face lights up every time she is rewarded or a kind word is spoken to her about going potty, but others have glared at me at stores, restaurants, and random places that we stop… and trust me, this child has potty-trained all over the Denver metro area in the past two weeks.  So, for example, we were having dinner at Souper Salad and she needed to go.  I was surprised she held it as I finished my salad… but we made it and she did it and there was cheering (audience of one- me).  She was so happy, she ran to dad afterwards in the restaurant area and screamed, “daddy… I went pee pee in the potty!” It was very cute but alas, I am sure some who were trying to digest their salads, processed pizzas, and breadsticks were quite disturbed over all this potty talk.  It’s not cute unless you’re going through it I guess.

But I could care less. I am very excited about this and all the milestones in my kids’ lives thus far and they are too- they have a right to be and as they progress through life, I reserve the right to get even more excited and nutty.  For now, until they start sports, dating, and all that other stuff that goes along with having a true potty mouth,  I’ll enjoy these perfect milestone moments – “potty mouth” and all.


Two years and growing- Perfect Moment Monday

Two years ago at 8:37pm, Nisha (Nisha’s Birth Story by Pam) was born.  What a ride it has been since! I was not sure when I had her how I could love two kids.  After all, I had just gotten used to loving one.  My older daughter was a mere 21 months old when Nisha was born.  Of course, she has made loving her quite easy.  Initially, it was a rough few months and along the way we have had our trials and tribulations.  Today, two years later, my two daughters play together nicely and have fun.  Simply put, they can’t live without each other. 

This past weekend, we kept her birthday party- a low key mall play area get together with our close friends.  We cut her cake and she was so excited!  I just thought this was the perfect moment and am so glad it was captured on digital media:  My older daughter feeding my younger one cake – absolutely priceless!  In life, there are so many moments you want to freeze.  This was one of them. 

As I think back today, 2 years ago, at right about this time, I was 1 hour away from pushing my 2nd daughter out.  We did not know the gender of either of our kids when we had them.  So, it was quite the surprise both times.  It has been an amazing journey with both our daughters and as they grow, we find ourselves growing too!  Happy Birthday, Nisha- you are and continue to be one of my most perfect moments!


Perfect Moment Monday- Life Lessons From Apron Strings & Muffins

It’s about time I get to post a perfect moment again. For sometime I have been working hard and losing sight of what is truly important. This weekend I was able to refocus on those things that are not stressful. Because let’s face it- being a mom takes the stress cake on most days. Due to a lot of external factors out of my control, I have been blessed to see the perfect moments elsewhere especially with my family, and kids. After all, 30 years from now, I am not going to be that person who says, “Gosh, I wish I had accomplished more in my job or I wish I would have played the game to get ahead.” It’s just not that important to me– what is important though, is what I do at home and what type of legacy I will leave.

This weekend I found my perfect moment…
okay, there were a few. But, this one rose above (pun intended) the rest…. apron strings and muffins with my little cuties. Saturday night, we had girls night as daddy went off to have guys’ night. So, we had a dance off after dinner, and then ended the evening by baking blueberry and chocolate chip muffins as the girls wore their new personalized, pink princess aprons. They both helped add key ingredients, shared stirring the bowl, lined the muffin pans, and finally, and most importantly- licked the bowl. Yum! The muffins were sweet, wholesome, and full of goodness and love because they were made with love and the right ingredients.

This got me to thinking how important ingredients are to every thing we do- whether it’s baking muffins, raising a family, or even working in an office where not all the people are adding the right ingredients into the mix. In the end, no matter what others add in, we as individuals hold the key and the ability to turn that mix into something more sour or bitter or alternatively, we can turn it back into something sweet and full of goodness. Like the muffins my daughters and I made this weekend, the muffins we all make in our daily lives can be wholesome, sweet, and full of sweet perfect moments or just plain bitter. In the end, only we have to eat what we create.

I think I learned a lot from my perfect moment and my innocent little girls who do not yet understand politics, work stress, or anything else stressful. Tomorrow, as I venture where I may face a little more bitter and a little more sour, I hope I am able to draw on my perfect moment, and take all of that, mix in a few of my own ingredients, and turn that batter into pure goodness. In fact, I pray that every time I face adversity or a challenge, I would be able to draw on this perfect moment. That would be… sweet!


Perfect Moment- A long overdue date with the love of my life

Yes, I am referring to my husband, of course.   Again, thanks to Write Mind Open Heart @LavLuz (twitter handle), here I am, posting another Perfect Moment Monday.  She’s right you know, when we look, we notice these amazing moments.  My previous post was about sweet moments with my kids.  I wish I had more time with them! 

But this weekend’s perfect moment was made possible by my daughters’ daycare.  We got a parents’ day out!  I have to say that was one the best Christmas presents to us parents who pay tons in tuition.  Since we do not have family or friends in town, we rarely get to go out alone, sans kids.  This past Saturday though my husband and I got to venture out alone.  It was strange, almost creepy strange, but so perfect!   We went to Flatirons mall and shopped a little and then took in a movie- something we NEVER get to do with small kids.   The movie we watched was “The Tourist” and all in all, we had a great outing.  Afterwards, we were able to spend a little more time talking as we ate appetizers at P.F. Chang’s.  It was relaxing and we had great conversation.  It’s amazing how much you talk about your kids and how much your life revolves around them especially when they are this little.   You almost always forget to talk about yourselves and these marital moments are so perfect- to converse, to hold hands, or just laugh together without being interrupted by screaming or even the conversations of a child.  My date with hubbie- my perfect moment Monday!