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For Valentine’s Day 2012 – Make your own Valentines

Heart Messages & Cards

Making Valentines can be fun albeit time consuming.  I have seen so many neat ideas on pinterest and I got inspired by other friends of mine who make their own cute Valentines.  So, we decided to sit down and make a few ourselves for my eldest daughter’s class.  She loves to write, loves to stick things together, and cut with scissors.  Lucky for me, I had my entire scrapbooking kit still from when I used to do Creative Memories Scrapbooks and photo books so, I just dug in, pulled out three sheets of construction-like, acid-free paper, my cutters (yes, we have all sorts of shapes) including hearts, double-sided tape, and straight edge cutters, photo pens, and we got cracking.  It helped that between Thursday and this morning we had over 2 feet of snow… it was time to keep those little hands buys. So, this is how you do it:

(1) Find a base color for the card, we chose yellow, and we did 3 x 3 cards so we cut the paper with a straight edge cutter,  and one    8 1/2 x 11 paper can make about 12 cards so you will probably need two sheets of yellow or whatever color you use as your base card color but pick one you can write on and that can be read.

(2) Next, get a heart puncher which has two heart sizes- one big, one small.  You can do all sorts of sizes of hearts but the one you write your message in should be the biggest.







(3) You can put the hearts together – two, three or more, write candy-like messages on them, tape the hearts on the card; write the rest of your Valentine’s card.  Last, tape something sweet on it – lollipop, sweet tarts, or if you are anti-candy person, try a granola bar, fruit roll up, etc.  The sky is the limit.  I even considered combining this idea with the one a friend of mine had from pinterest- crayon valentines.  That was adorable. So many possibilities and it is always fun to have a personal touch for V-day both for adults and kids.

Samples that my daughter copied

For fun, we even got creative with the HEART MESSAGES- we made one that said “TWEET ME”, and another one that was spread out over two hearts that said “LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK”.  Of course, thankfully my kid is under 5 and still not on twitter or facebook but, very cute and even candy hearts have these messages on them nowadays.  What fun! I thank my crafty blogging friends and pinterest for inspiring me and of course, mother nature accommodated us by sending over 17 inches of snow and making all this possible.  Happy V-day craft making!


New School, New Start & Learning how to pack lunches

Tiny Prints makes Back to School easy

Since about 6 months old, each of our daughters has attended home care, day care, or school of some sort. I am a working mom of two little girls and of course, with that comes the delicate balance of many things and back to school carries a different meaning for us. Everyday is school even in the summer so I suppose we view back to school with milestones and of course, increased traffic on the roadways (sigh). This year marks such a milestone for my eldest- she is starting Pre-K! Recently, a reputable day care opened up near our home so, we are uprooting my eldest from the daycare/school she has known for 2 years, and bringing her closer to home. Of course, next fall she will really hit a huge milestone of attending Kindergarten so, this outta give her the adjustment she needs.

20110815-091017.jpg But, this year, it is an even bigger adjustment for my husband and I as we pack lunches for both kiddos. So, our adventure begins…and will officially kick off on Monday, August 22.  Wish us luck! For two years, my kiddos have attended a day care that serves all meals and snacks and we got a little spoiled even though it probably was not the best thing for them to have some of the food they were eating. In any case, it was easy. Now, we are buying lunch/bento boxes, thermos, lunch sacks to put all that stuff in, and personalized labels to make sure it all comes home daily. I hope it is not as exhausting as it feels right now, and yes, we are doing test runs the week before school starts, but I am excited to know I will be able to see what they eat and don’t eat daily. In a way, this is a good lesson for us since the older one starts real school next year and the little one is not too far behind. Yes, change is in the air this back to school year, and not just for the kiddos- new teachers, curriculum, new school, new equipment, and toys and of course, different lunch methods. But I think kids adapt to change easily- it is the parents who will need a little hand holding. We are excited and anxious as our kiddos make new beginnings and certainly, milestones and all, will make this back to school year the most memorable… well, at least until next year.

Back to school woes? Check out Tiny Prints at http://www.tinyprints.com/back-to-school.htm and see all the neat things they offer from gift tags, cards, teacher’s notes, allergy notes (essential if your kids are eating lunch or snacks at school) and my favorite–labels.  I have already purchased some and I have a feeling, I will need plenty more.

*Note: this is a sponsored post and written as part of Global Influence’s back to school campaign sponsored by http://www.tinyprints.com.  Please read Get Clued In’s disclaimer here and please note that the writer is not responsible for content at Tiny Prints or the quality of products therein.


Despite years of hearing the stories, seeing the issues, I have to admit I was completely caught off-guard today — all I could say was, “nuts!” I took my daughter to her daycare today for her Christmas party or Holiday party or whatever they call it these days. Anyway, my husband had signed me up for cookies. I decided not to run to the store in the sub zero temps and just make what I had at home so I made chocolate chip walnut and macadamia — you guessed it — NUTS!

Anyway, as we entered the day care, I was told, you can’t bring anything with nuts into this school- we are a “nut-free” zone. I started think to myself, what? Are you nuts? Then I thought better of it. I know for a fact that one of my good friends to this day swells up like a balloon if she encounters nuts in any form including peanut oil. So, I turned the cookies over and we just went to the party. Apparently, you have to bring store bought, sealed items, or you cannot bring anything at all. The latter is just fine for me. As I looked at all the dietary restrictions in the classroom I was in, I realized one of my daughter’s classmates was allergic to “tree nuts.” Well, there you have it folks – I am glad my cookies were confiscated and in the end, I learned a valuable lesson. So, from now, it is store bought items only for me and definitely no… NUTS!


Communication Gaffes or Gap?

We recently enrolled our toddler daughter in early preschool at Primrose. If you know about Primrose, it is supposed to be a premier school-type environment with excellent curriculum and teachers. Our daughter has finished her first week now at Primrose, and I am not that impressed thus far. Let’s face it, at 2 and some change, she is in daycare and not school so all we have is the daily reports that they provide to parents. On the first day, I called every 2 to 3 hours, and so I knew kinda sorta that she did not sleep much on the first day and that she did not eat much either. So, the only report we got home is the potty training and diapering and how that was going. The 2nd day she went was a whole nother story. Other than lunch (only because my husband went to eat lunch with her), I had no idea what she did all day as far as diapering, potty, eating/drinking, or napping. So I had no idea what to do with her at home as far as whether to put her to sleep early or so on. I was quite surprised to see that the sheet with her name and time of arrival on it came home to me -blank!

This communication gap combined with a couple of other communicate gaffes made me question whether we had our daughter at the right “school” especially considering we are paying about $50 more per week for her attend this school. Adding that up, it is about $200 a month which is a lot considering I have not seen what this premium is getting us right now. It seems like maybe their older children programs like preschool and kindergarten may be better because curriculum matters at these ages but right now, it is a souped up day care and nothing more. Right now, the goal is playing with others nicely, learning basics, potty training, and learning how to follow simple orders. In any case, there were a couple of other communicate gaffes too. For example, miscommunication on procedures and policies and events. So, in toto, if you look at all the evidence thus far, I am not too impressed with Primrose but of course, I am planning to give it at least a month before I make a decision on whether to continue her or not.


The Longest Day

I am sure you have heard about the movie, The Longest Day. It is a film which is about the D-Day invasions. The movie is about one of the longest days in military and aviation history – its successes and failures. Well, I can say that today I had one of my longest days as a parent of a toddler who started at a new school. From the moment she woke up today I knew it was D-Day for her and while she probably did not feel that way, I sure did. Off she went to her first day at early preschool. There is a super expensive school in our area called Primrose, and my daughter started there today for two days a week. Almost 30 months old, my daughter, we felt, needed kid interaction and some learning other than just hanging out at home.

It was one the longest days I have had in some time and time could not move any slower- tick tock, it was only 9am when I first called. She was sitting in a corner and crying for mom and dad. They refused to give her her comfort item – the one thing she knows of- her pacifier. Of course, I did not know this then but found out as I unraveled the events of the day and started piecing the puzzle together. She did not eat food as they let on, on the phone, and did not sleep more than 40 minutes for a nap most likely cause she did not have her pacifier for comfort. In any case, I did not unravel all of the successes and failures of this longest day until well into the nighttime hour. By this time, it was too late to call the school and have a “talk” with them. But, rest assured, I will be doing so tomorrow and the next day until my longest days turn into shorter days and I can be at peace with her attending this strange new school.

I know her first day of school is nothing compared to the D-Day-Normandy invasions and the successes and failures there, but for some reason, as a mother, I felt today that they were and I felt there were insurmountable obstacles as she faced this new day and new adventure. Those obstacles were those I created in my mind including the uncontrollable feeling that one day I will have to let go as she makes her choices in this world…. what a day indeed!