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Mabel’s Labels & Back to School Time

It’s Back to School time, and that doesn’t just mean shopping for a new wardrobe, a new backpack, lunch bags, and supplies (oh, those dreaded supplies), it also means labeling all that stuff and labeling it so your child’s pink Carter’s jacket doesn’t get confused with the identical one in her classroom.  So, this summer, as you are shopping for supplies and all that new gear, don’t forget to get some cool labels for your child’s back to school.  For us, this is a first.  One of our girls is starting Kindergarten!  But, alas, that means labeling and re-labeling it all including jackets, shoes, lunch box, containers inside the lunch box, and of course, her backpack and supplies.

Mabel’s Labels has a great Ultimate Back to School Combo TM and what a great deal- between now and July 31, there is an early bird discount and special on all their products for Back to School.  Check out all their cool products here and act now to get the amazing discount – it is a great deal.  I got to try out their Ultimate Back to School Combo to write about today and let me tell you, we are set.  For both girls, we received these dishwasher safe, microwave safe, UV resistant stickers that include fun colors and designs, 40 skinny-minis as pictured on their site, and 50 tag mates, 16 shoe labels, and 2 teeny tags.  Talk about being set for the new school year.

We are definitely all set now and even for our younger one who goes to day care, we can use these for lunches, shoes, jackets, and so so much more!  The only thing I would recommend when ordering is to make sure you indicate how you want your labels to look and if you want first and last name to indicate so.  Keep in mind that most schools prefer first and last names for all items.  Give Mabel’s Labels a try and get your labels early to save some money for … yep, the dreaded school supplies’ list. Happy Back to School.

*I wrote this posting based on a campaign through Global Influence.  I was compensated for my time with an ultimate back to school combo kit for both kids and was able to test out that kit so I could blog about it.   The views expressed here are my own and not attributed to Mabel’s Labels or any other label company.  Please read my general disclaimer as well.


Just Between Friends Semi-Annual Sale in Denver, April 19-22 & FREE admission

Print this coupon out for free admission

Have you heard the news?  Just Between Friends (JBF) is having its semi-annual sale in Denver, at the National Western Complex (I-70 and Brighton Blvd) from April 19-22, 2012.

SELL, SHOP AND SAVE at Denver’s Largest Kids’ Consignment Sale.
Want to make money selling the great items your kids no longer need? Love saving money on everything for kids ages newborn through pre teen?  Then you need to get to Just Between Friends of Denver April 19-22!
Consignor, Volunteer and Barter registration is open NOW.
• Sell your items: set your own prices, and get a great check 2 weeks later!
• Volunteer and be one of the first to shop, and make 70% on what you sell.
The event is now upstairs in the Expo Hall at the National Western Complex.

JBF is a great organization and you can read more about it here but it was started by moms for moms and over the years has evolved in a nationwide phenom.

Below is a schedule of events and don’t forget to print out the coupon above and get in for free on April 19-22!  Act now if you are going to consign, or wish to volunteer, get in touch with the organizers, but definitely, this is a not to miss event if you have babies, are expecting or having kids of all ages. Click here to read more about Denver-specific dates and information on consignment and purchase.

SCHEDULE:  *Private Presales: 4/18  for Consignors, Volunteers, First time Parents, Military and Teachers.  Must qualify and register in advance to attend.  Register here.
*Prime-Time Shopping Presale:  4/18 at 6p.  $15 admission per adult

SUNDAY, APRIL 22         9A-3P       50% OFF MOST ITEMS*
*FREE PARKING FOR HALF-PRICE SALE: Compliments of Colorado Parent Magazine


It’s your Birthday…it’s your day! I mean, YOUR MONTH!

That’s right, you read me correctly… nowadays and as you get older, birthdays are no longer a birthDAY but rather a celebration for a month, starting on the 1st day of the month and culminating into some real fun on your actual day and then through out the month – but, make sure you time everything out because the amount of birthday deals out there can get plain overwhelming.  For me, birthdays (now that I am broaching 40) are not about getting things from the people you love per se or feeling the love from all your facebook, twitter, and social networking buds, it is also about the deals you can score from merchants and retailers all over town.  Boo yah!

I am reminded I wrote another article on birthday deals so make sure you check it out and then compare notes with this one.  Here are some of the things you simply must do to get these deals but don’t wait til your birthday month to sign up – do it well in advance.  And once the deals come in categorize by them expiration date.  After all, you do not want to miss a free $7 meal or a free scoop of ice cream, or 80z of yogurt but what would really hurt is missing the $15 gift card at a merchant or $10 off your purchase ANYTHING as well.  So, are you ready to party like it’s your birthday?  Well, cool – here are some birthday-friendly merchants and I am sure there are more.

Food and Drink

These days, its expensive to eat out so when a merchant throws coupons and freebies your way, you are not going to pass them up right?   I have mentioned some of these before in my article written last year but here they are again.  Sign up for their birthday club and you will get an email or a coupon in the mail for free stuff:

(1) Rubio’s–  I think they have the best deal – free meal up to $7 for the birthday gal but you generally only get 2 weeks to use it so rush in and use it.  Rubio’s has some amazing meals and fresh and healthy too!

(2) Smart Cow Yogurt Bar– This one is not a chain and not franchised yet.  They are local to Westminster, CO but a free 8oz yogurt coupon is so sweet!  And if you only get 30z, fret not, put your kid’s and your hubby’s yogurt on the scale and they will discount you the entire 80z!  Sign up at Smart Cow.

(3) Baskin-Robbins – you simply should sign your kiddos up for this and yourself too!  The birthday club at BR offers a free scoop to the birthday star and it can be used in the month of your birthday.

(4) Starbucks- just sign up on-line and register your card.  The reward comes in the mail though in your birthday month and I always a order a VENTI with extra shots- yum!  $4.75 never tasted so good as a Venti Salted Caramel Mocha NON FAT of course 🙂

(5) Dunkin Donuts– you have to sign up on-line for their Club and register a DD PERKS Card and boom!  Your free coffee will arrive in the mail in your month.  I think it expires at the end of the month but many DDs will take it afterwards too because there are so few of them.

(6) Red Robin– this place is tradition for us- we go here every birthday every year and the kiddos adore the balloons and the singing.  So how could we not make this a family affair.  So, get the Red Royalty Reward Card- not only do rewards add up but you get a free birthday burger.  Register your entire family on it so the burger loads on there automatically.  This can be a $10 value and soooo yummylicious even for us vegetarians who get the veggie patty.

(7) Panera–  Get their Panera loyalty card- it’s free and register it and then for your birthday they load a special treat on it.  You never know what it is til you log on and check so check before you go and enjoy a free bagel, a free pastry, or free breakfast item– again, it varies but I can guarantee it will be yummy!

(8) Buffalo Wild Wings- does a great deal for your birthday for free dessert…. yum!

(9) Melting Pot–  Melting Pot used to be better in year’s past when I got a free chocolate fondue worth almost $16.00 and nowadays they are a little cheaper but they give you free chocolate-covered strawberries for dining there during your birthday month.  I love fondue so this is a good deal but the free fondue was so much better.

(10) Egg & I- My friend in the comment below indicated a free meal at the EGG & I for your birthday- sign up for them too – I investigated this a bit and you can do at their locations.

(11) Sweet Tomatoes– we love this place and you can sign up on-line for their birthday club.  They will send you great coupons too!

(12) AMC Theaters- my least favorite theater also just sent me an email on my actual birthday for a free large soda when I drop $50 to see one of their movies.  I guess it’s because I had a movie watcher card.  So you too can have a giant soda at AMC for your birthday for free.  It’s good for the whole month.  Of course, unbeknownst to AMC, I have given up soda for lent so I will not be using my coupon but will pass it on to someone in the office I know will.

Stores & Retailers

(1) Macy’s– If you are a red card member at Macy’s and update your profile online and make sure to include your birthday, you will get a $10 coupon in the mail or online (via email) to use if you use your Macy’s Card

(2) Kohl’s – if you have a Kohl’s card, you will get a $10 off any purchase (and you can use this with your discounts coupons too) – what a great deal!

(3) Ann Taylor– if you have the Ann Taylor MasterCard or regular card you get $15— yup! $15 off your purchase and you can use this at the outlets too – wow! Momma is going shopping.

(4) Blue Jeans Bar- this is local to Cherry Creek in the Denver metro area but you can use it online and if you know Blue Jeans Bar, wow!  you get $35 off your jeans and Blue Jeans Bar has an amazing customer service policy and if there are problems you can head into the store and they fix it for you.  These are amazing jeans and while expensive, so worth it and $35 is amazing but it is NOT usable on sale items (boo! hoo!)

(5) Anthropologie-I do not get this deal because I do not shop there but my sister in law does- make sure you sign up to get this deal at the store.  I hear it is $10 off.

(6) Eddie Bauer– I do not have an Eddie Bauer but hubby shops here a lot and we have an outlet very close to us and they send a birthday reward too of $10 off your purchase so we generally go use that for his birthday as well.

(7) Victoria’s Secret– get the Angel Card and every year for your birthday you will get $10 off your purchase made with said card.  It’s a good deal if you need stuff.  I go in and just get $10 worth of sale underwear and it is so worth it!

(8) Aveda– Aveda used to be better about this and sent cards in the mails but now they send you an email with a free product on your birthday – it is generally travel size but this year I did not get it – check your junk filters just in case.

(9) Gap– If you have a GAP Card, they also send you a $10 reward to use in the stores.  There are no restrictions but there is an expiration date so check yours.

(10) DSW– again, you need to be a DSW Card member and you give them your birthday when you sign up for it.  You will get a $10 off reward card to use in your birth month and you can take $10 off anything include clearance items.  I got my tennis shoes for free on my husband’s reward on year.  It’s a great deal.

Lots of other merchants give deals if you sign up for their club, e-mail list, or subscribe to their newsletters and rewards cards.  It is a good idea to inquire at the store you frequent and especially if you really love their products, never hurts to get on an e-mail or mail list to get some great rewards!   Happy Birthday and enjoy your …. MONTH!

Am I missing some great birthday deal? Please add to the list with your comments here and help our readers out- where should we all be signing up.  Your input is valued.


Keep Monkeying Around —Monkey-Toes Shoes for toddlers

A good friend of mine has her own company called Monkey Toes — Jen, a mom of three, started the company 10 years ago and was hand painting each pair of her very cute shoes.  Check out all the products here.  Pictured to the left is the pair we were able to try out — the size 7, Shiver Mary Janes – perfect for the upcoming holiday season.  Monkey Toes tennis shoes (with laces or lace free) come in sizes 4 through 8 and Mary Janes with the elastic buckle come in sizes 3-7 so your child can be in their first pair from the moment they start to walk!  My older daughter has biggerfeet and is jealous she cannot get them in a size 10… yet 🙂

They are comfortable and easy to slip on and off.  If you get the  mary janes (with the elastic strap), you may need to figure out, when you first get them, the proper fit for your child’s foot and may need to poke an extra hole if the strap does not fit.  Some kids have smaller feet than others.  But once you do, then you will not have to fool with the strap again unless you want to, of course.  If you go with the tennis shoes, I really think it is a good idea to try to shoeless laces and that way, they can slip them on and off themselves.  My husband was frustrated initially with the MJs because we did not know they were elastic slip on and also we had to poke an extra hole to make them a little tighter for our monkey with tiny, small feet.  But, once you figure these out, they are pretty easy!

Additionally, every pair of the monkey-toes shoes are packaged in adorable keepsake boxes which coordinate with each styleof shoes.   The company also includes trading cards in every box – keep them or share them with friends.  In our case, my girls fought over them – oh oh!  Try to have plenty on hand.  Retail price is $29.99 available online at www.monkey-toes.com or available at specialtygift stores nationwide.  Considering I spend $20-$35 at stride rite on shoes for the kids, I think this is reasonable and you can also buy accessories at the website as well.  Check it out – the pumpkin shoes are perfect for fall – in mary jane style or tennis shoe and no-tie laces are only $2.00.

And, my friend at Monkey-Toes is giving Get Clued In readers is a special deal through November 15 at Monkey-Toes–  25% OFF your purchase.  What a great deal – for the shoes that is over $7.00 off the retail price.  Don’t miss this opportunity, and enter CODE: GCI2011 check-out.


Target Stores- smaller is better!

I have experiences at a few Targets – the Super Target in Superior, Colorado, for example- the Super Target near Colorado Mills in Golden, and by far, my favorite Target is the one on 80th and Wadsworth in Arvada.  I have never met a friendlier more knowledgeable staff in the pharmacy and throughout the store.  The biggest plus is that it is NOT a super target.  You tend to get lost in Super stores – often, parading through the stores for hours to find something.  The regular targets are perfect for my lifestyle- quick and easy, in and out and the lines are always manageable too.  Some of them even carry just enough frozen, dairy, and fresh foods to make it very convenient for me.  I like the smaller targets and there are just not enough of them is my biggest to Target Corp – bring back small — when it comes to convenience, ease and a busy lifestyle, SMALL IS BEST!

I think the same way about Wal-marts too.  By going Super, all of these stores lose a little … something.