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The Iphone Revolution

I recently got an Iphone, 3G and I think I am in love or rather, addicted.
I absolutely love love this phone – it is all your tech tools in one – or so, it is supposed to be: Cell phone, GPS, phone/video, and Internet. Basically, you took this one thing with you and you are not supposed to need much more but for me, I am just getting used to this “touch” technology and while it is a easy to use, I am usually resistant to change so, I am still playing with it to figure out whether it is something I would want to keep.

In any case, the apps are easy to load, it is quite an easy phone to use and you can multitask with it quite well but not when you are driving since it is touch-technology. All in all, I have to say, it is a genius who devised this and whoever came up with it should be commended. I am still not sure how to create folders on it for my music files and photos – itunes sucks and it is not user friendly in my opinion. When I use itunes, I feel like I want to slit my wrists and I wish I could just transfer things onto it like a hard drive but then again, Apple does not like to make things easy especially if you use a PC. In any case, I like the Iphone so far and I think I will keep it. WARNING THOUGH: It is quite addictive 🙂

PROS: Easy to use, lots of options on what to get and expanding technology, good sound quality, and easy to email things/receive items and text.

CONS: Itunes, and whether you can create folders for music and photos, photos are not that good quality esp. at night (inside), and everything including this phone is toooooo frigging expensive.


Cricket Broadband Connection Update

I decided to call tech support again today – Monday, a working day. I figured maybe the losers were working the call centers abroad on the weekend. I was right. Today, I got someone who actually helped me change some settings on my Windows Vista. They were security settings. I had to uncheck one box under user accounts (the introductory screen) and boom! It worked. Another thing that you need to do if you are running Vista or XP with security is this: Make sure you download the software FIRST onto your desktop (The zipped version), then after you plug the card in, unzip and install the software. This will prevent your system from crashing and will recognize the device. Soon, the device driver will install and then you are all set to use your A600 Broadband card.

I am an IT person at heart. I kept googling solutions this weekend. The best one told me to download the software from the cricket website instead of relying on the broadband USB Modem to install it for me on my computer. Next, I decided to take a chance and ask for tech support on a normal working day and lied to the technician. Instead of telling her I got the blue screen of death, I told her the modem was not being recognized. She took me through the right steps to install the card, and voila, it worked. Do not let them tell you that you need to contact Windows. That is a load of crap. It is their hardware, not the software. They need to help you change the security settings not Windows. In any case, good luck. For now, I am going to see how it works since I have 30 days and then we will see. Good luck!


Buyer Beware: Cricket Broadband sucks!

I had the unfortunate experience of ordering an A600 modem from Cricket Broadband. What attracted me to this? I wanted no contracts and at $40, I could log on from anywhere, so I thought. I received the A600 Broadband modem. I paid a butt-load of money for it. The over-excited sales rep guy misrepresented to me that if it did not work with my computer, I would get all my money back. He lied. Worse yet, the customer service reps (based out of China is my guess) were horrible to deal with when I needed help. The tech support guy and gal were even worse. So, to make a long story short in this first introductory paragraph – DO NOT GIVE YOUR BUSINESS TO CRICKET. I have already filed a better business complaint against them over this incident and plan on fighting with my credit card company to get my activation fee because in sum, I ACTIVATED NOTHING!

So, here is what happened. I enthusiastically picked up my package at Fed Ex- signature required or you cannot get your card. Then, I plugged into my laptop. It should automatically install. It did not. Instead I got the blue screen of death- better known as a system crash. This happened all 7 times. I meet all the requirements. I tried in two other laptops with different systems (all meet the requirements). Same blue screen of death. I call Cricket for tech support. They suck and told me it was a windows error. It is not of course because two other computers with different OS all had the same problem. So I call tech support again hoping to get someone smarter. Wrong again! So I call customer service to ask for a refund. Mind you, I just got it yesterday and have not even activate it yet because I cannot even use it. I got the supervisor who was reading from a card provided to him in some outsourced factory in China who told me my activation fee could not be reimbursed because (and I quote), “the modem works fine – it is my equipment error.” I lost my mind and just hung up because there was no point arguing with a drone in another country. So, there goes my hard-earned American cash. I will NEVER recommend Cricket to anyone as a result and if I can even help one person to NOT get their service, I have done my job. The customer service after you order something from them is horrible. There is no contract, sure, but you definitely get what you pay for and when it comes to CRICKET, this cannot be more true. I will be taking my business elsewhere because I never want to deal with this company again. Oh wait, I need to get my money back first. Damn it! When it comes to Cricket Broadband or Wireless, Caveat Emptor.


Beggars cannot be choosers

After about 6.5 years without internet, the Agency I work for finally got internet restored. Believe it or not, this Government Agency was without internet (court-ordered, might I add) for 6 years. Now, it is back but not completely restored. Sometimes, we cannot send or receive external emails – for some reason, the email server is not that great. And, while we can access some websites, we cannot access sites you would think are pretty routine. For example, if you go to the local transit site and try to google route a map, it is blocked but then I can turn around, and go to google.com and then do public transit and get the same information they block. Weird. Midas.com is also blocked. Not sure why. I just want to take my car in to get the brake pads replaced. My OB/GYN website is blocked. I discovered that when I tried to print out some information I needed for my health appointment tomorrow. Odd. This Agency also cannot figure out how to unblock mapquest.com. I guess it does take a rocket scientist sometimes to do simple things at the Agency or Bureau level. Other bureaus within our own Agency can access google and chat is just disabled. We cannot access Gmail because our rocket scientists have not figured out how to unblock chat so they just block the whole site and all the great features that go with being able to log onto Google.

It is frustrating because one week I can access a site and the next week, I cannot. It just seems odd to me what the “tech-gurus” think official business is and what they think it is not. I am glad I can access hooters.com though just in case I get a hankering for those hot wings. But, Midas, now that would be bad since I have to take my car in for a brake job. I know, I am being sarcastic but it is ridiculous. I guess I cannot complain too much because I can access yahoo, learn what is going on in the world, and do google searches even if I cannot access the search. It is still exciting to have internet back and while it is not perfect (most things in life are not), I guess I will do without and learn to deal, perhaps use 411 every now and then when I cannot access something and maybe occasionally, get some work done.



After about seven years of not having the internet, my office has reconnected. I have only been without it for 19 months. It is a strange phenomenon because when we did not have internet, all I wanted to do was have the internet and do things on the internet. It is rather strange now that we have had it for over a week, I feel no urge or desire to go on-line but it is nice to know it is there and it is nice for me to communicate with my clients and family members. Occasionally, I do think of something I need to google or look-up and it is nice to have internet at my fingertips instead of going through the drudgery of trying to connect through a phone line in the middle of the office where everyone can see what I am doing. Wikipedia, by the way, accessible on the internet, has a great article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet#Internet_and_the_workplace on internet and the workplace. I just found this at work by the way. Nice!

On the flip side, everyone is running scared that big brother is watching everything we are doing and are afraid to send an email to their spouse much less “surf” the world wide web. These are unchartered waters for many folks working with this agency because as long as I have been employed here, internet and Email were not available so it was a non-issue. In the end, you have to exercise good judgment and use the resources provided by your company appropriately and sparingly. I am looking forward to continuing to have internet at my finger tips and hope it does not get taken away because it would be hard to go back to not having it once you have been reconnected.